8 Common Issues That Occur While Printing

8 Common Issues That Occur While Printing

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Common Printer Issues

Printers are essential in almost all types of jobs nowadays. Printing jobs are important, especially for offices and documentation works. A delay in its function could prove costly to the job depending on the situation. Therefore, you need to have a general idea about how to solve the most common issues found in printers. Below is a discussion on the most important problems found in printer not working situation and their solutions.

Printing Is Too Slow

When this problem arises, you need to improve the printer’s performance. Printer settings are different for different models. In windows, you can do this by selecting the Print and Properties initially. Then you have to look for the settings that adjust the print quality and reduces it. Other ways to improve the speed includes changing the default print quality setting. You have to add RAM to your printer or print from the internet without graphics.

If The Windows Is Sending Print Jobs To The Wrong Printer

Sometimes Windows selects a different default printer and automatically sends all the prints to it. In order to fix this in Windows 7, you can click start and select Devices and Printers. Then, you have to pick Printers and Faxes and right-click the printer you want to set as your default printer. Now, select set as default.

Prints Are Too Light, Too Spotty, Or Have Horizontal Lines

Sometimes you end up having a clogged print head. This is usually found if you use an inkjet printer in irregular frequencies. Your printer is usually capable of cleaning the dried ink and running an inspection by printing a page. The steps to be followed vary for different printers. In Windows 7, you have to go to the start menu first. Now, select Devices and Printers and find the utility app of your printer. You will see the necessary options here.

If The Wireless Printer Is Too Slow

The ethernet-cable-to-router connection is one of the best options if you want to derive the maximum performance from a network printer. There are several advantages that these printers have. However, there are also several shortcomings for the same. For instance, the speeds are dependent on the distance between the printer and the Wi-Fi router. It is advisable to place the wireless printer within the least distance possible from the wireless provider. Further, make sure that the wireless printer or Wi-Fi printer that your PC is connected to has the matching set of specifications. This will ensure smooth functioning and high speed.

When Remanufactured Or Refilled Ink Cartridges Are Used, The Prints Look Unimpressive

Sometimes the prints appear to be of low quality despite refilling the cartridges. For such problems, it is recommended to choose the manufacturer’s ink every time. You may find cheaper alternatives provided by third-party producers. However, these will result in giving you sub-standard print quality.

Furthermore, the wastage of ink is yet another downside of using third-party products. It has been found that certain cartridges function in such a way that they leave behind at least 40% of the ink. Printer manufacturers, on the other hand, might offer ink at a much higher cost. Some people also consider them overpriced, but they offer good quality with their ink.

Fitting More Text Within The Same Page

Sometimes you might have a requirement to include more textual content within a single page. You can shrink the text from two pages to one. This way you can save another page. Besides, the speed of printing also increases as there would be lesser number of pages to print. Such an approach works well with receipts, spreadsheets, and other documents which still hold their original value even in the shrunken form. For Windows, head to the Print and Properties and look for the printer settings. This will allow you to increase the number of pages per sheet.

In Case, The Paper Tray Is Flimsy

In some printers, the manufacturers use low-quality trays that have very low capacity. Even some of the major names in the printer industry are said to be offering such trays. The best way to avoid this situation is to thoroughly examine the trays before you buy them. if they appear as if they are feeble and insufficient, do not purchase them. Check to see if there are stronger and better alternatives.

Blotchy, Streaked Or Faded Printouts

Sometimes your printer prints normally, but produces Streaked, blotchy, and faded outputs. This is a common issue found among printers. The initial step to take is to see if you are using the right paper for the printer. Further, ensure that the printer’s components are performing correctly. After this, check your toner for errors. If you do not print often chances are that your toner may have settled and requires to be shaken awake. Take out the toner and rock it gently from one side to the other. Make sure you do not shake it. Remember not to touch it as it could take up fingerprints.

Printers encounter problems very often while functioning. It will be convenient if you are ready with the right remedy when the issue occurs.

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