How to Fix Printer in Windows Device Manager with an Exclamation Mark

How to Fix Printer in Windows Device Manager with an Exclamation Mark

Printer Driver Error

Common Printer Issues

The yellow-colored exclamation mark for your printer in Windows is a sign that the device has an error. So, you cannot take printouts through the printer. However, this mark does not clarify which printer error has to be resolved.

Run the Troubleshooting Utility

Windows comes with an inbuilt printer troubleshooter, which automatically searches for and fixes any issue it finds. To run it to fix this problem, act as per the following steps.

  • To open this utility, press Windows and S keys at the same time.
  • Then, type Troubleshoot in the Find a setting box and press the Enter Wait for Windows to look for Troubleshoot, and after the search result comes, click to open the settings.
  • This will then show the Printer Select that option with the mouse, and click on Run the troubleshooter. This will open it.

Troubleshoot Printer Device

  • Choose the printer you need to resolve, and select Next.
  • From then on, follow the step-by-step onscreen instructions.

Check Printer Status

In the event the above-mentioned method fails to fix the issue, then you will have to verify your printer’s status. For that, follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Press Windows and R simultaneously to open Run.
  • In the dialog box, type devmgmt.msc and press Enter. This action will open the Windows Device Manager.
  • Connect your printer to your personal computer or laptop if you are yet to do this.
  • Right-click on the exclamation problem printer shown in the window, and choose Properties. This will open the Printer Properties

Printer Properties

  • In the first tab of the window, you will see a message indicating that your printer has been stopped, or something similar, with error code 31. Write this error code shown under Device status.
  • Click on Ok.

When there is such an issue, there will likely be a corrupt driver you need to fix. This exclamation may be a sign of a printer driver error.

Manually Install Your Printer Driver Again

To do it, first you have to remove the printer by following the below steps.

  • Press Windows and X on the keyboard simultaneously
  • Click to open Device Manager
  • Expand Print queue by double-clicking on it
  • Right-click on the problem printer and choose Uninstall device from the pop-up menu.
  • Click on Uninstall to confirm the action.
  • After Windows uninstalls the driver, click on Action in Device Manager and choose Scan for hardware changes. Then, you need to install the driver by following the onscreen instructions.

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