Steps To Take If Windows Cannot Connect To Printer

Steps To Take If Windows Cannot Connect To Printer

How To Restart Print Spooler

Common Printer Issues

Sometimes MS Windows does not connect with the printer and creates a major interruption in your work. Including the printer to a local area network in the Windows computer might sound simple in theory. However, this task could prove difficult even in the presence of Add Printer Wizard in your Windows. In many cases, the printer will not display the names of available printers. You may also receive a message saying "Windows Cannot Connect to This Printer." These issues such as how to restart print spooler can be solved with a few troubleshooting steps which are discussed below.

Printer Networking 101

A printer connected through a network might be a Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection. It could also be directly connected to a PC on the network through a USB. Both these types could be shared with other users within the network. For this, you will have to switch on the print sharing option on your server or on the computer which is connected to the USB printer.

Windows are equipped with an Add Printer Wizard which is accessible through Devices and Printers section of the Control Panel. There might be differences in the specifics as the Windows versions change, but the procedure stays the same. Once you click the Add Printer link, Windows searches for printers within the network. Then the printer names appear. You may select the one that you want to work with. Add the selected option and you should be ready to provide prints.

Troubleshooting 101

Sometimes the printer does not install as it is supposed to. It might be absent from the list or display a message that it is not able to connect to the Windows. The first action you need to take is to ensure that the printer is connected to the same network as the computer you are looking to add. Further, you need to make sure that you have enabled print sharing on your computer.

In case you do not see the printer you were looking for in the Add Printer Wizard, or cannot connect to it after clicking on the title, select the option that says, "The printer that I want isn't listed." Note that some IT companies hide the names as a default setting for a number of reasons. However, this might sometimes be an obstacle to the smooth functioning of the printer. Now choose whether you want to add a local printer, Bluetooth printer, wireless, or a networked printer.

Make sure you follow the above methods while sorting the issues of your printer not working.

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