Tips to Fix Common Printer Driver Issues

Printer Driver Issues

Common Printer Driver Issues

The printer driver is the connection between your printer and computer and the latter sends information to the former through this driver. In simple words, the printer driver acts as a translator between your computer and printer. It relays certain commands to notify your printer, particularly about what and how to print. Hence, your printer will not be able to work properly without a functional printer driver. Without any doubts, experiencing any printer driver issues will be extremely infuriating and maddening. However, if you know the possible causes for printer driver error, you will be able to tackle it well. Note that one of the most common printer driver issues you are likely to face while using Windows PC is ‘printer driver is unavailable’ error.

Usually, you may see this printer driver error notification as a status on the driver software of your Windows 10 PC. On a related note, you can find printer driver software in the Devices and Printers section in the Control Panel of your computer. A faulty driver, outdated printer driver software and issues with windows updates are mainly considered as the potential causes for this printer driver error. Hence, the first step that you must take when this error message pops up on your desktop is to check out your driver and operating system thoroughly.

One of the troubleshoots that you may try in this case, indeed in case of any printer driver issues, is reinstalling the printer driver. As mentioned earlier, one of the potential underlying causes for ‘printer driver is unavailable’ error is corrupted or incompatible driver software. Hence, installing the right driver software may let you do your printing jobs properly. You may follow the steps given below for this.

  • To launch Run, press R key and Windows key on the keyboard simultaneously.
  • A dialog box will pop up on your desktop. Enter devmgmt.msc on the box and click OK.
  • Right click on the Printer Driver Then, click Uninstall on the dropdown menu.
  • Once your existing printer driver software is uninstalled, install the latest driver software and check whether or not the issue is resolved.

Another reason for the ‘printer driver is unavailable’ issue is the errors in your Windows updates. This usually occurs when you have not enabled the Automatic Updates on your Windows 10 software. So, your operating system would have gone out of date as of now. Of course, your printer will not work properly unless this issue is resolved. For this, go to Settings and check for Windows updates. If you find any, press Start to install the latest version of Windows. Finally, restart your system and try to take some printouts.

If it’s still not working, the next best possible way is to get help from an expert printer support technician.

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