Troubleshoots To Solve Printer Driver Issues On Windows 7

Troubleshoots To Solve Printer Driver Issues On Windows 7

Printer Not Working

Common Printer Issues

The printer driver is responsible for converting the data that the user dispatches from a Windows PC in a printable format to the printer installed on the network. However, sometimes windows fail to recognize the hardware while the user attempts to install the new printer driver to the PC or when they try to connect the printer to the computer. There might be an error message showing on the computer in case the printer not working and this can be resolved if you are aware of the root cause of the issue.

There are several reasons why the printer driver could be faulty.

  • Incompatible printer driver is installed with the PC in the Windows version or in connection to the printer;
  • Incorrectly configured printer driver on the windows;
  • A malware assault on the system files at the location of the driver; or
  • Wrong entry of the driver to the Windows Registry.

It is possible that you see an error message ‘Spoolsv.exe.’ this indicates that there is an issue and you need to stop. It might also display, “We are sorry for the inconvenience.” This suggests that there is a printer driver installed with the system which is not compatible with the existing OS. This means that you will have to install the latest driver manually. This is in case it is stored over your PC. Otherwise, you will have to download from the website of the manufacturer.

Common Printer Issues

In order to navigate towards the printer folder’s location, you may follow the below steps on your PC.

  • First, launch Start and select Control Panel.
  • Pick Hardware and Sound and then select Printers
  • Right-click the printer driver you need to update or install. After this, select Run as Administrator
  • Move to Properties and then Advanced option. Pick the tab named New Driver.
  • You should then pass through a series of tips that would be displayed after this and install the latest printer driver on the Windows PC manually.

Otherwise, you can also download and install the driver through the official website of the manufacturer. When you do this, make sure you get the latest version of the driver. This will prevent any troubles in the future. In case of the error message, “Windows Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for any inconvenience”, go through the above steps and get the issue of printer driver error resolved. The best way to stay trouble free is to keep the driver up-to-date.

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